Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pentalingual ramblings 1 - Introduction

(Transcript of the video、以下テロップの書き出し)

Hi everybody, I'm getting quite a lot of requests by emails and on my YouTube site regarding more videos. Uh... I have no idea what to do or what to make... but... I figured why not just ramble.

I'm gonna start something today. It's Saturday November 6th, 1:45PM in Japan. I am in Tokyo.

I'm gonna start this thing called "Pentalingual Ramblings". Yeah, random thoughts, it's gonna be ramblings.

Creo que voy a empezar algo asi, hablando de todo y de nada...y de todo lo que pasa en mi cabeza.
(I think that I’ll start something, talking about anything and about nothing…well, anything that comes to mind.)

(Well…just talking randomly…and adding subtitles to show you.)
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(Everything is ad lib…I wonder where it’s gonna take me?)

Vraiment, j'ai aucune idee comment ca va se passer, mais j'imagine que je vais tout simplement improviser, faire des petits clips comme ca, a gauche et a droite... de quelques minutes.
(I really have no idea how things are gonna turn out, but I guess I’m just going to improvise away, making short videos like this, left and right… a few minutes each.)

J'ai aucun.. eh...j'ai aucun "script" puis eh.. he he... c'est pas facile ca hein..
(I don’t have any…eh… I don’t have any scripts…and eh… wow, this is not easy huh…)

Peut-etre que vous pouvez ecrire des commentaires, eh.. des requests… sur ma page YouTube…
(Maybe you can write in some comments, um…requests…on my YouTube page…)

我會把這個放在我的blog上,公開給大家,看看有沒有(可以)幫我寫comments。或者是幫我寫。。。說不定有你們的requests。。。有甚麼話題啊。看看我們可以談甚麼。。。哇。。。我已經不知道該講甚麼東西。。。chintsai-la (Taiwanese)。。。隨便啦。
(I will put this onto my blog for everyone to see, and see if you can give some comments… or if you have any requests…any topics. Let’s see what we can talk about… wow…I’m already running out of things to say… oh well, I say anything!)

There will be a lot of silences like this I think… but… we can talk about…my book! I’m writing a book.

(This book is written in English. It’s about how kids… well, actually, my book is actually about how I was raised. How one can be raised to become multilingual.)

そして、その中に7つのアイデアを含めて。。。まあ、僕自身が考えているのは、CLAPという哲学というか、philosophyというか、があってですね。クラップとはC-L-A-Pで、Contextual Language Acquisition Philosophyというのがあります。それは、自分のブログにも書いてありますが。
(And in the book, I include 7 ideas… well, what I’m saying is that I have this philosophy called CLAP, which stands for Contextual Language Acquisition Philosophy. I talk about this on my blog also.)

…este…he terminado mi primer libro…bueno, un primer draft…y lo estoy revisando. Tengo un amigo que ha hecho unas ilustraciones, y… creo que lo voy a publicar como un iBook o para Kindle…
(…well… I finished my first book…actually, the first draft…and I’m doing revisions right now. I have a friend who is making the illustrations for me, and…I think I will publish it as an iBook or for Kindle…)

(I really hope I can start selling the book on the iBookstore by the end of the year or early next year… and see if I could start a side-revenue stream.)

En francais…j’ai un copain au Canada qui est entrain de le lire et puis il va me donner des commentaires j’imagine. Lui aussi il a vecu une vie assez multiculturelle, donc…
(In French…I have a friend in Canada who is reading it right now and he will give me comments I guess. He has also lived a very multicultural life so…)

Anyway, this first video will… ha ha…it’s really awkward, but this first video will end somewhere here. It’s really a video to introduce this new series… I hope it will be a new series…

J’espere que ca va continuer longtemps. J’imagine que je vais essayer de faire des series assez frequemment, j’espere… En tout cas, c’est un debut. Ca fait trois minutes que je parle dans le vide. Si la reponse est bonne… de vous, mes auditeurs, ecouteurs, lecteurs… si la reponse est bonne, je continuerais…
(I hope that this will continue for a long time. I guess that I will try to contribute to this series frequently enough, I hope… Anyway, it’s a start. It’s been three minutes that I’ve been talking into the abyss. If the response is good…if you, my listeners, viewers, readers… if the response is good, I’ll continue…)

有很多人根我講用YouTube,用viral distribution非常好,非常的有效率,有效果。看看這幾天,有甚麼樣的response.然後在說把。OK, bye-bye.
(Many people tell me to use YouTube, with distribution becoming viral, it’s very efficient, effective. Let’s see how the response will be in a few days. OK, bye-bye.)
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  1. ご無沙汰しております。



  2. Chiro-kun!




  3. To 陌生又熟悉的堂哥,
    I'm looking forward to reading your book! I'm really curious how you will describe your language-learning experiences since we only met twice after 12 years old. Mao-Lun

  4. I'm working on it!! ;)

    The first draft is done and I've got some people reviewing it. Then I'll do another revision, get it into publishable format for ebook, and on the market it goes. Hopefully early next year...

    Hang in there little cuz!

  5. Muchos exitos! estoy feliz de quedar en escuchando y mirando tu video. Llege solamente en el internet pesquisando la palabra para describir algiuen que habla cinco idiomas. Hasta ahora, nunca percibi este proverbio checo que dice- aprende una idioma y consigue una otra alma. Pues, piensas que tenemos 5? yo lo creo.

    Parfois je me sens un peu "etrange" comme ci. Malgre je peux parler avec beaucoup des gens, parfois il y en a peu que nous comprennent. J'ai la tendence en m'isoler dans ce regard. Je suis quelqu'un qui adore a voyager, c'est vraiment une maladie! Sans une education formale dans toutes ces langues a part du francais, je me demande a quoi ca sert que je parle 5 langues? Car pour l'instant je suis sans boulot! Comment expliquer que j'apprends vitement et facilement, et j'avais vecu dans des autres pays?

    So could we then deduce that learning yet more has only been an obvious and logical step towards aspiring towards progress?!? Dis-moi quand tu finis ton livre. Je m'y attends! Enchantee mon frere pentilingual!


  6. マルチリンガルに育てる、でググって、お母様のHPを経由してたどり着きました。ぜひぜひtetsuさんのように、男前でできるオトコに