Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dictionary everywhere




人気ブログランキングへにほんブログ村 外国語ブログへ クリックして応援してください!

I was in Europe for 4 months backpacking and studying. This was a long time ago and electronic dictionaries didn't exist (or if it did, it probably costed an arm and a leg AND it probably sucked). But pocket dictionaries were around and were definitely affordable. So whenever I'd go to a new country, I'd go straight to the bookstore and buy myself a pocket dictionary. One that literally fit in my pocket. I would have it on me at all times, looking up things continuously. One place that I used it a lot was at the supermarket. I would look up all my favorite food, many of which are not found in textbooks or taught in class. Also, any idle time that I had, riding in or waiting for a bus, a train, or sitting in the lobby of the youth hostel, etc., I'd just take out the little dictionary and literally look up everything that was in sight. Read more...

You cannot get more contextual learning than this method. CLAP at its best. You are literally learning things in your living context continuously; things that you see, things that you eat, your environment, etc. All the words that you learn are relevant to YOUR life.

Who says effective exercises have to be complicated?


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